Recycled plastic watch | Aqua 006

First watch ever made of recycled plastic bags

This is the first wristwatch ever made of recycled plastic bags. It’s casing is made of recycled plastic (100% from plastic bags, LDPE).

  • Water resistant
  • 100% Recycled plastic bags
  • Citizen® movement
  • Ultra-light
  • Vegan


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The Watch

Federico (founder), being a sailor saw all the plastic floating around the world and decided to do something. We started retrieving plastic bags from polluted rivers in Córdoba, Argentina, recycling it, keeping it away from rivers and nature.

How to recycle a Waltic watch?

OPTION 1: Deliver it back, get a 30% discount.

If you are in Europe or the UK you can email us to customercare@walticway.com notifying us, we'll ask you to deliver it back to us. Once we have a confirmation of the delivery, you get a discount of 30% off in a new one.

OPTION 2: Recycle it by yourself, get a 40% discount. Learn how to in: RECYCLE

We been at Dutch Design Week

We earned the Talent Pressure Cooker 2019 given by Bio Art Laboratories, having the opportunity to present our work during Dutch Design Week, the most famous design fair in the Northern Europe. It was an unique chance to perform our project and test the impact with final users.

Why a watch?

What a better way to communicate a message than interacting with an object, the fact is: we are running out of time, we should be wise about what we do with it. I'm giving you a watch that reminds you it's time to act! Now the clock is ticking, literally.

Plastic bag is considered a non recyclable plastic. Why?

Because it depends on every cities recycling infrastructure whether they do something or not, most of the recycle companies around the world don't recycle them because it's not profitable.

Around 160.000 plastic bags are produced every second worldwide, and only 1% of them is recycled. What happens with the rest?


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