We have been warning you for weeks. Argentina is on fire.

Cordoba is one of the areas in the world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the fire. It is on a par with California and Australia, to cite some of the well-known examples that also have a very complicated situation when it comes to fires.

The situation is becoming extreme. The provincial government has for the first time in many years issued a “yellow alert” to the Federal Council of Voluntary Firefighters, warning of a potential call for help and the need for specialists from other provinces.

Cordoba is experiencing high temperatures and drought, which are leading to a proliferation of fires. These climatic conditions are not an isolated misfortune, but a direct consequence of the climate crisis.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that over 90% of these fires were started by human activity.

Fire management will be a short-term solution to this highly structural problem. Let us begin to tackle it with the urgency it requires.

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