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We turn plastic bags
into watches


Plastic bags are really harmful to the environment and wildlife so we decided to recycle them.

Not an easy task though, that’s why we’re so special. 160,000 plastic bags are produced every second and just 1% is recycled.

We’ve learned from Precious Plastic a few tricks, so we created and improved machines and processes in order to turn plastic bags into nice objects!

This how we do it

  • We retrieve plastic bags from polluted rivers in Argentina with the help of our local partner: Voluntad Verde
  • We work in our lab placed in Córdoba (Argentina), crafting essential components giving jobs and education to people in sustainable development
  • We are developing a circular economy

We’re a team of Argentinian & Dutch

Entrepreneurs with a bast experience in recycling plastic

Every watch is special

Due to the origin of the raw material, colour mixtures could vary, this means every watch is unique. This forced us to think up innovative ways to give you the opportunity to decide the one you want!

One size fits all

The first wristwatch ever made of recycled plastic bags

This is the watch that would follow you in all your adventures, speaking for you it shows your commitment with the environment in a unique way.

It’s time to clean up the world

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